3D Scanning

Reverse engineering

Translating machines and parts to 3D CAD models for reproduction, repairs, or modification.

Estema HandyScan 700 3D Scanning Reverse Engineering
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Inspection and control

3D measurements of geometry, deformation and wear.


0,020 mm accuracy/ scan + 0,060 mm/meter


0,050 mm resolution


480.000 measurements every second 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the accuracy of a 3D scan?

The volumetric accuracy (XYZ) is 0,020 mm plus 0,060 mm for 1 meter:

0,020 + 0,060 mm/m = accuracy

For example: When the largest dimension of a product is 200 mm: 0,020 + (0,060 x 0,2) = 0,032 mm.

The calibration report of the HandyScan 700 is available at request.

Reverse Engineering 3D Scanning VX Model

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